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Addressed to: Government of Spain

We need feeders for stray cats and dogs

Petition created on Jul 27, 2016

We need feeders for stray cats and dogs

For at least they not starve as there are people who have no heart and abandoned their animals.

In some countries stray animals already have feeders in the street so they do not starve. In Colombia and Mexico feeders can be seen on the streets of many of its cities where they try to somehow alleviate the scourge of abandoned animals.

Some of these feeders operate by recycling, whenever a person enters a plastic bottle for recycling, a portion of animal food appears at the other end so they can feed the dogs and cats. This is only one type of feeder, also other work in exchange for advertising with companies that manufacture pet food.

In Spain we have thousands of abandoned animals starving, so we need these machines to feed them, they need them, we have to help make this possible.

Please sign the petition and ask the Governments to install feeders for stray animals on public streets.


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