Celebrate the Law against animal abuse in Costa Rica!

Victory reached on Aug 11, 2016
Celebrate the Law against animal abuse in Costa Rica!

The Legislature has approved with 50 votes in favor the Act 18,298 against animal abuse. Already approved in first debate is only a matter of time to make it Law. Finally, society has been heard by the deputies.

After five years of fighting this Law finally sees the light so that from today our country is a little more just with animals.

The Law provides penalties ranging from 6 months to two years imprisonment and fixed financial penalties for mistreating and killing an animal.

Animal abuse in Costa Rica has increased in recent years, so this Law is a godsend to start having legal tools to fight against people who mistreat animals.

Thanks to all who have signed this petition, thousands of people have supported us in this struggle, a struggle of all.

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Original petition

Approve the Law Against Animal Abuse

Petition created on May 8, 2016

Addressed to Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica

In Costa Rica animal abuse is common, such as cattle, dogs, roosters for fighting and other species and usually the aggressors go unpunished.

In the Legislature there is a bill that because political interests has not been possible to adopt , in the other hand the President of the Republic in political campaign promised that law and he has not kept his promise.

That's why we need to pressure the government of President Luis Guillermo Solis to enact that law, animals need it and we owe it to them.