US halts pipeline construction!

Victory reached on Dec 6, 2016
US halts pipeline construction!

The United States Army Corps of Engineers has denied Energy Transfer Partners, the company in charge of the pipeline, the drill permit under the Missouri River, so that the construction of that pipeline has been officially stopped.

This is a struggle of all, it is paramount that they stop the destruction of the planet, so we must continue to fight to stop the pollution and systematic destruction of the planet.

Thanks to all who have supported this request and fight for the right of all to live on a clean planet.

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Block the work in the pipeline!

Petition created on Sep 3, 2016

Addressed to Dakota Access Pipeline and 1 other(s)

The creation of this pipeline passing under the Missouri River and through the territories assigned to the Native people would mean groundwater pollution, resulting in irreversible damage to flora and fauna, as well as for the Peoples who live a stone's throw from the banks of the river, as well as for the millionth infringement of the Treaties.

The President Obama despite having said "in favor of ethnic minorities" to date has not lifted a finger to prevent this from happening.

Please for the sake of native American people, for mother earth, to ourselves, and the future of our children. Stop all this!