Cecilia will be transferred to the Sanctuary of Sorocaba in Brazil

Victory reached on Mar 21, 2017
Cecilia will be transferred to the Sanctuary of Sorocaba in Brazil

At the beginning of the year the Justice had stopped the transfer of Cecilia to the Sanctuary of Sorocaba, but finally she will be able to travel to the Sanctuary where she will live with another 40 chimpanzees.

Medical exams have already been carried out in order to know her state of health, she has been vaccinated against tetanus and poliomyelitis and is in quarantine until she is transferred in a few days.

Many people are the ones who have worried about Cecilia's physical and mental health, and so that she does not end her life locked in a cage. She deserves to live in freedom surrounded by other chimpanzees.

Thank you all for signing this petition to get her finally transferred to the Sanctuary of Sorocaba.

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Original petition

Cecilia the chimpanzee is depressed to be alone, we need her transfer to the Sanctuary of Sorocaba

Petition created on Jan 17, 2017

Addressed to Justice of Mendoza and 1 other(s)

It is very important that people, veterinarians, NGOs, fight against all those who oppose to take her to Sorocaba in Brazil, stop opposing the trip, so that, in what much or little that is left in this world, a good living, she deserves to be well and die in peace. We do not want it not to happen what happened to the bear Arthur who died in the same Zoo, locked up, passing the worst hardships, suffering every day of his life. We do not want him to die for conflicts to end.

The transfer of Cecilia has been restrained by an appeal, reason why it is necessary that as soon as possible to reverse with this decision of the Court so that the transfer of Cecilia is realized as already had agreed last year, we cannot wait one more minute, every day that passes Cecilia worsens her health, and we do not want her to die locked in a zoo, she does not deserve it.

Now with Cecilia everyone wants press until they die and nothing improves, close the Mendoza Zoo!