Buenos Aires Zoo will be transformed into an Ecopark!

Victory reached on Sep 26, 2016
 Buenos Aires Zoo will be transformed into an Ecopark!

The Head of Government of Buenos Aires announced that the Buenos Aires Zoo will be transformed into an Ecopark and gradually will decrease the permanent presence of animals.

It has long time since we been fighting to close the Zoo, which was in an area of a high level of pollution, so the animals suffered with the noises, smog and lights.

Luckily the Zoo will be converted into an eco-park intended for environmental education for new generations care more for animals and the environment.

Many people accompanied this petition from many areas, from the marches were organized to this petition, and others as well, and the pressure on the government worked.

Thanks to everyone who supported the petition with your signature!

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Original petition

Close the Palermo Zoo and authorize to build an Ecological Park

Petition created on Dec 14, 2015

Addressed to Mayor of the City of Buenos Aires

It is very important because every day the animals are dying due to poor care and suffer imprisonment, so we asked the President of our Nation and the Mayor of Buenos Aires to act and release of imprisonment and mistreatment of approximate 2500 beings are suffering and dying day by day at the Zoo.