Four years in prison for the person who did this to Rosie!

Victory reached on Sep 20, 2016
Four years in prison for the person who did this to Rosie!

Animal Care Services announced that it has achieved justice for the little dog Rosie that was burned with acid.

The former owner of Rosie, pleaded guilty of animal cruelty charges that he faced and was sentenced to four years in prison, of which must be in jail at least two so you can ask for parole.

Likewise, the best news of all is that Rosie managed to recover from the attack and luckily did not lose its sight, thanks to the work of Animal Care Services who cared for Rosie. Rosie is now living with his new family, cared for and loved.

A happy ending to a terrible story. Thanks to everyone who supported with their signatures this petition for justice!

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Original petition

Convict the person who did so devastating action of evil

Petition created on Aug 24, 2015

Addressed to San Antonio District Attorney and 1 other(s)

This pitbull dog named Rosie was rescued after receiving a dose of acid used to dissolve metals.

Rosie was burned alive with such a powerful acid that burned his skin. Rosie was traumatized by this terrible event. Has all its face damaged, its right ear disappeared completely, was also damaged his eyes, so possibly go blind.

Police of the City of San Antonio, Texas, rescued from its owner who has abused it in a despicable way and deserves the full weight of the Law. This person may face a penalty of two years in prison for this fact, which I feel terrible, just two years so abhorrent fact is crazy.

We ask that the Laws are changed, beyond that person to go to jail two years it deserves for doing what he did to Rosie.