Instituto Pasteur abrió su quirófano para castraciones

Victory reached on Mar 16, 2017
Instituto Pasteur abrió su quirófano para castraciones

Muy buenas noticias, vuelven las castraciones gratuitas en el quirófano del Instituto de Zoonosis Luís Pasteur. A partir de ahora todos los vecinos podremos solicitar turnos para llevar a nuestras mascotas a castrar.

Espero que esto se mantenga en el tiempo, es la única manera de luchar contra el abandono de animales, ya hay demasiados en las calles.

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Original petition

Do not close the operating room of the Pasteur, our animals need it!

Petition created on Mar 15, 2016

Addressed to Mayor Horacio Rodriguez Larreta

Because animals need to have a place where they can be operated and castrated for free, because not everyone can afford a vet, and this prevents dogs to die and many end up being abandoned because the could not been castrated by lack of resources.

Pasteur surgery should not stop working, it is a public service that should be maintained. It is outrageous that we have to go out and ask not close something so necessary for our animals!

Please help us to ask the Mayor Horacio Rodriguez Larreta not to close the operating room, this is much needed in our city!