Spain prohibits aesthetic mutilations!

Victory reached on Oct 12, 2015
Spain prohibits aesthetic mutilations!

Spain joins the European Convention on the Protection of Companion Animals, so from now on any person who holds an animal is responsible for their health and welfare.

This agreement prohibits any surgical intervention aimed to modify the appearance of any animal or any other purpose other than healing. That is, from now on aesthetic mutilations are prohibited.

Many people have fought for this is reached, thanks to all!

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Original petition

Do not let people to cut off dog's ears for contests!

Petition created on Oct 1, 2015

Addressed to Zaragoza Authorities and 1 other(s)

The authorities should not allow to cut off dog's ears for contests in all over Spain.

The cut of ears gives them great pain, because they are also bandage it keep it straight. It is practiced from 3 months when a dog is still a baby and it hurts all their life, when it is cold and with the movement.

This cosmetic surgery is a torture for the poor dogs, that is why we must ban them throughout Spain.

Stop torturing dogs for competitions!