Negrita was saved!

Victory reached on Oct 11, 2016
Negrita was saved!

I received news that Negrita was moved to Puerto Madryn where a rescuer named Luis Gallego will take care of she to get her a new family.

Thank you very much to all who signed the petition and wish you much love, the one animals can give us without asking anything in return.

Thank you Mr. Luis Gallego for what he has done, and will, with Negrita, and hope you find a home where negrita could receive so much love!

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Original petition

Do not sacrifice Negrita!

Petition created on Oct 3, 2016

Addressed to Municipality of Rawson

Negrita quarreled with a poodle who was killed in Playa Union, since that day Negrita is caged in the Veterinary Direction of the Municipality of Rawson waiting for someone to approach to claim it.

The problem is that if no one claims Negrita, it will be sacrificed, so we must pressure the Municipality of Rawson to avoid the sacrifice, and if the owner does not appear that the give it for adoption.

Stop killing animals, is not the solution, Negrita is just a victim of men, don't be like that with them, they deserve respect and care.

Negrita must be adopted, say no to euthanasia!