Arturo the polar bear was buried and not embalmed!

Victory reached on Oct 3, 2016
Arturo the polar bear was buried and not embalmed!

His death at the hands of the authorities of the Mendoza Zoo was too tragic, so that after so much suffering the authorities wanted to use him in this terrible way instead of letting him rest in peace.

Luckily Arturo was buried at the Zoo in which he lived, a decision by the Ministry of Environment.

Arturo sparked claims of all who love animals worldwide by the state of neglect in which he was in the Zoo de Mendoza, and it seemed that neither after his death he was going to rest, but luckily the authorities took real awareness of what they wanted to do to him and decided not to embalm him.

Arturo, now you can rest in peace!

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Original petition

Don't Embalm Arturo the Polar Bear

Petition created on Jul 6, 2016

Addressed to Government of Mendoza

He was never provided with a decent place to live, did not know the snow, lived in a place that was not their natural habitat, exposed to the cries, looks, etc.

He could never be free in life, do not continue profiting from him, as they did in life and now they want to do after death. They want to embalm to expose him in the Museum of the Province, for children and people who could not see in life you can observe. And on top they have the brazenness to say 'we must see if the skin for embalming is good. "

Say NO to this!!!

Arturo must have a decent burial so he can rest in peace.