The mayor of Cartagena changes mules for motor coaches

Victory reached on Jan 25, 2016
The mayor of Cartagena changes mules for motor coaches

The mayor of Cartagena, Manuel Vicente Duque, give 80 motor coaches to replace animal-drawn vehicles that were still rolling through the city causing great harm to animals.

This is the first step to stop the suffering of animals. These animals will be given for adoption to farmers' associations to have a dignified life away from suffering.

We hope that soon the rest of the cars will be replaced for all animals to end his life without being abused or dying in the streets.

Thanks to everyone who signed thanks to the Mayor of Cartagena, Manuel Vicente Duque, for caring for the health and welfare of animals.

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Original petition

End with the mistreatment of mules in Cartagena!

Petition created on Jul 14, 2015

Addressed to Mayor of Cartagena Dionisio Velez Trujillo

We must once and for all remove from the city the mule coaches as they continue to be reported as usual cases of mistreatment of horses and donkeys used to pull these vehicles.

Now came a video on the internet where it looks when the donkey is dropped in the streets of the neighborhood Los Calamares. This treatment is inhuman, we cannot afford to continue mistreating thus these noble animals. Please stop, once and for all, that the District Administration's withdrawal from the streets once and you watch them somehow.

According to the mayor are working to protect animals, but the first step is to eliminate once and for all the mule coaches, it is the first major step to make this happen, and then on to fight for Cartagena is a friendly city the animals.