The organization of 'GH 17' expels Alvaro

Victory reached on Sep 30, 2016
The organization of 'GH 17' expels Alvaro

After the pressure we exerted, from different places, for many people who do not support the statements of Alvaro, the production of the program decided to expel him.

We cannot tolerate that in the television that our children see put as an example to people who wallow with animal abuse. You have to realize that being there has to be taken seriously, and that everything they say will be heard by millions.

Thanks to everyone who signed, these things are intolerable and we must fight to eradicate.

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Original petition

Expel the contestants of Big Brother by advocacy of animal abuse!

Petition created on Sep 18, 2016

Addressed to Mediaset Productions

It is so guilty who makes something that the one who laugh of it. We want the expulsion of the two contestants from Big Brother house for advocacy of animal abuse.

In the middle of the program, a few days ago, this man Alvaro said: "Do you worry about the fucking dog?? Your cry for a greyhound If I ran over it?! I do not get out of my car to see if anything happened to the dog! Fuck the dog! Let it die!! "

And now this Alvaro makes these statements about dogs and the other guy laughs. "... I grab it from the leash and the dog does not want to go out and end up just snapping the neck of the dog (laughs) from the effort. And end up leaving it in the streets, under the rain. Because you live in a one bedroom apartment and the dog is too large, occupies half of the place. You just end up throwing it out of the window (laughs) and the dog ends up hanged (laughter)."

As a defender and animalistic I'm asking the production of the program to expel from the Big Brother house this two, both this Alvaro has proven to be a person who is giving a bad example to people watching the program, and to further remove the custody of his dog and to not allowed to have more animals in his care.