Rocha closed the Zoo!

Victory reached on Sep 22, 2016
Rocha closed the Zoo!

The Municipality of Rocha said that they not considered feasible to have caged animals, so the Government took the decision to close the Zoo.

The animals were relocated in various locations where they can live with dignity what remains of their lives, on the farm of Homeless Animals, in Canelones and other animal sanctuaries in the country.

Thanks to Mayor Anibal Pereyra to listen to the residents of Rocha.

The cages will be replaced for games for children, that is a great news!

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Original petition

Give decent life for the animals of the Zoo of Rocha

Petition created on Nov 18, 2015

Addressed to Mayor of Rocha and 1 other(s)

Because it is embarrassing to have these animals in squalid living conditions, with no more than a small cage to live in, devoid of shelter or shade.

Worthy life for them that are imprisoned. Close this awful place, no more abuse!

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