PAMI has agreed to intern my two children, thanks to you today they are better

Victory reached on Dec 29, 2016
PAMI has agreed to intern my two children, thanks to you today they are better

I got an email from PAMI giving me a response to the petition:

Hello, in response to the petition initiated, it is made known that the claim is already resolved.

In the day of the date we are informed of the Disability area of the UGL XI that the two children of the affiliate (Moreno Alejandro and Moreno Xavier) were vacated in the Home with Day Center Pilar is Home (Provider of Disability of the INSSJ ).

With all my heart, many thanks to all who supported the request so that today my two sons are better.

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Original petition

I need PAMI to internalize my two children with mental problems

Petition created on Oct 25, 2016

Addressed to PAMI Authorities

Some of my friends know that on February 24 last I suffered a stroke that I left because it was not my day, but as a result of it is delicate, my carotid arteries and dilated aorta but also a mitral valve leak, opportunely request to my social work (PAMI), the internment of my 2 children with mental disabilities, moderate to severe maturational delay with psychotic schizophrenic traits, pathologies that logically are incompatible with mine and that make today, after having made of mom and dad For 38 years, with all the pain of the soul I need my request activated, it was not satisfied, despite the time elapsed, so I am requesting signatures to deliver this petition and ultimately request judicial relief, thank you very much.