The killer of this dogs has been condemned!

Victory reached on Aug 11, 2016
The killer of this dogs has been condemned!

The Mayoralty of San Salvador began an administrative procedure against the woman who run over these stray dogs that were feeding on the side of the road.

By having several witnesses, the City Hall was sentenced this person to pay the maximum penalty established by the Municipal Ordinance in Article 33, letter "A", becoming serious offense which reads: "To mistreat, injure, assault or affect physically a domestic or wild animals".

The fine is money, so this person does not go to jail for killing these dogs, but that is what the Law dictates, so from now on we will fight to get the Law to be amended so that these crimes are paid with jail.

Thanks to everyone who supported my petition, and justice has been served.

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Original petition

Justice for the dogs were run over and murdered while they were waiting to be fed

Petition created on Oct 12, 2015

Addressed to San Salvador City Hall

We share the same planet and we cannot be indifferent to this case, that the authorities in El Salvador take this case to give the just punishment for this murderer, Irma Ruth Aparicio, and promote awareness towards our fellow animals. We need this person to be convicted for her crime, we cannot continue to allow these things to happen without these people receive a deserved punishment.

In addition to the sentence for this woman, I want to create awareness of respect for animals and stop any act of cruelty against them, so we need an Animal Protection Act, functional and complete with fines, social work and jail for people responsible for these crimes.