Congress of Jalisco approves Uber Law

Victory reached on Mar 16, 2017
Congress of Jalisco approves Uber Law

The deputies unanimously approved the expected regularization of the Transport Network Companies (ERT), which allows the Uber service, which can not be limited only to collect by credit card, but also accept cash, therefore that the users will choose the platform that offers the modality of payment of its convenience.

The Law also approved that there would be no limitation on the number of units or restrictions in areas where drivers of technology platforms can pick up the user.

Thanks to all who supported this petition, we can now have a quality service in Jalisco.

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Original petition

Let UBER stay

Petition created on Aug 1, 2015

Addressed to Governor of Jalisco Jorge Aristotle Sandoval Díaz

In Jalisco, we deserve quality, safe, comfortable, accessible transportation with friendly educated drivers, such as UBER, which gives a good image to tourism. It seems to me that they should better remove the chariots with horses because it is an animal cruelty.

Yellow taxi drivers should compete with quality and dignity, but they are only really demonstrating who they are, mediocre without education without culture, with unfair competition. Here it does not count the economic thing but the quality of the service, reason why the good must stay and the bad thing to regenerate.

I do not generalize, if there are yellow taxi drivers who have not been involved because there is work for everyone, not all passengers have credit cards or a cell phone with the application, there are others who do not even know what UBER is and those are for yellows.