The regional government rejects the Quails in a Tube!

Victory reached on Mar 14, 2016
The regional government rejects the Quails in a Tube!

Great news, the Community revise the 1990 law to prohibit abuse cases like this in Becerril.

Although this legislation does not prohibit the release of quail, the request to organize the roll was rejected by the regional government.

Last year during the celebrations in honor of the Christ of the Good Council of Becerril de la Sierra over 200 live quail were fired from the barrel while a large group of hunters waiting to shot them.

This barbaric celebration fortunately has been rejected by the government so personally thanks to all those responsible and those who signed this petition to end another case of abuse and animal abuse.

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Original petition

Lets end with this savage practice of the Quails in a Tube!

Petition created on Sep 16, 2015

Addressed to Mayor of Becerril de la Sierra Jose Conesa Lopez

This activity is being developed in various locations in the community, for example in Becerril, and like other called "cultural" activities by some people, we must put an end once and for all.

The "Quail in a Tube" consist in putting into a barrel or kind of tube a living quail which will be thrown into the air so that the hunter can shoot it to kill. In one afternoon they can kill hundreds of them in this brutal way.

Clearly this activity should be banned by law for the protection of pets, but it seems that the Community of Madrid that is not interested so accepts this barbaric practice that is developed for the festivities of the Christ of Good Counsel in Becerril de la Sierra.

We cannot allow such act of savagery in the name of culture or whatever, it's inhuman, lets say enough! Let us ask the mayor of Becerril prohibiting this activity once and for all, unite against animal abuse.