We achieved that the Government ban dogfights!

Victory reached on Mar 15, 2017
We achieved that the Government ban dogfights!

Thanks to all who signed this petition and thanks to the Government that heard the complaint of a whole society that asked for a fair treatment for dogs.

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Original petition

No More Dog Fights in All Mexico

Petition created on Sep 13, 2015

Addressed to President of Mexico and 1 other(s)

For a long time, dogfighting have been "celebrated" in many countries, and Mexico is one of them, in which much of the people of this country are totally against.

Over time, since these fights started, a countless number of dogs have died, which had not the slightest idea that the food before the fight could be their last, which had been destined by its owners, to die cruelly and unjustly, bitten, and with unimaginable fractures throughout the body, for the simple fact of wanting to make money, but ending the life of a living being is not the right way to do it.

This petition is in order to end all dogfight in all the cities of Mexico, and fine and imprison anyone who disobeys the Law.

If you are against this cruelty, you can support with your signature, so we can make this cruelty to stop, and so, step by step, end all animal cruelty.

On behalf of each puppy sacrificed and / or killed, I thank you!