Victoria confirmada! PETER NECESITA TU AYUDA

Victory reached on Mar 9, 2016
Victoria confirmada! PETER NECESITA TU AYUDA

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Petition created on Dec 14, 2015

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Peter was rescued in 2014, he came home with a great malnutrition, no vaccination or deworming and after suffering physical and psychological abuse. With much effort day by day we have managed to regain confidence in humans, other animals and enjoy our company. But little Peter was unlucky because only spent a couple of months when they began their health problems, but do not give up because he did not, and his will to live were superior to any adversity for us to face us and so it proved . In the past two years has gone through 3 lightheadedness, one surgery is diagnosed with stunted respiratory system, allergy (controlled with weekly baths with special shampoos), a genetic deformity in his right foreleg, a small ear infection and a pair of gastroenteritis. That amounts to about 4,000 euros.

We had assumed that Peter was very sick until now things changed in the consultation of a new vet, he told us that given his medical history and the apparent good health of the animal it was something neurological-cerebral and twisting head He suspected that the small could have Vestibular Syndrome. But he did not rule out other neurological problems. The next step is to perform a CT scan and an MRI does not reveal anything.

Currently we cannot afford their veterinary costs, but are one step to find the solution to all health problems that has dragged the last two years. Peter only has 3 years and a lifetime ahead!!

PLEASE any donation no matter how small, will be a great help to us.
BBVA - ES15 0182 6661 1902 0157 7252 - Concept Peter