RAE remove the discriminatory definition of gypsy

Victory reached on Jan 18, 2016
RAE remove the discriminatory definition of gypsy

The Royal Academy of the Spanish Language has changed a reference in its definition of gipsy as "tricky" accepting that is used as an "offensive or discriminatory '.

Hopefully this is a first step to get it to stop discriminating against the Romani community throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

Thanks to everyone who signed the petition!

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Original petition

RAE must remove the discriminatory definition of the term gypsy

Petition created on Apr 10, 2015

Addressed to RAE Director Dario Villanueva

The State Council of the Romani People of Spain has launched a campaign moving to the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) to change in their dictionaries a "discriminatory" definition of the term 'gypsy'. According to local media reports, this project has been funded by the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality Spanish and the European Social Fund.

The Spanish Royal Academy of Language has already said last year that not rectified input gypsy as "tricky" or "one who seeks to deceive," and this seems highly discriminatory, so we demand its director and anyone working in the RAE to rectify this entry from all dictionaries!