Valencia prohibit to license circuses with wild animals and fairs that use animals

Victory reached on Feb 12, 2016
Valencia prohibit to license circuses with wild animals and fairs that use animals

The Department of Animal Welfare filed a motion that was approved by the Governing Board in which it is prohibited to give a license to circuses with wild animals and fairs with shows using animals, that’s how the institutionalized cruelty against animals ends in Valencia.

It is great news and we should be proud to fight this scourge.

Thanks to all those who signed.

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Original petition

Remove the animal attractions from Fairs, such as those used ponies for children

Petition created on Jul 21, 2015

Addressed to Valencia City Hall and 1 other(s)

In the era we live we can find other ways to have fun with animals without having to assume for them any stress or exploitation. The ponies at fairs are subjected to acoustic and visual stress generated by the attraction itself to which they are bound and those around him, besides being doing a supervised physical work only by the operator of the attraction itself, without that good guarantees conditions of treatment of these noble animals.

Also noteworthy that the wrong message is given to the children on the treatment of animals in general and ponies in particular as it implies that the animal is there for the enjoyment of people and ride it around and around while tied to a kind of wheel, instead of enjoying it a pleasant walk freely in an open space.

It would be better to enjoy these noble animals in a more dignified way for them and more exemplary to our children, and to know their habits, participate in their care and go for a walk in a green area as might be the River Turia in Valencia or other areas that are enabled for this purpose.