Victory! Transforms the Zoo of Mendoza into an Ecopark

Victory reached on Aug 8, 2017
Victory! Transforms the Zoo of Mendoza into an Ecopark

The chimpanzee Cecilia was transferred to the Sanctuary of Sorocaba, she was the most famous inhabitant of the Zoo, but fortunately now they are going to move the rest of the animals. Elephants will also be transferred to a sanctuary in Mato Grosso, Brazil.

From the reopening of the Ecopark, will focus on conservation and awareness related to the environment and native flora and fauna.

They will use 3D technology to replace animals, a kind of virtual reality in which Ecopark visitors can learn about the environment and the lives of animals in their natural habitats and not in captivity.

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Original petition

Save the Animals from the Zoo of Mendoza, Argentina

Petition created on May 19, 2016

Addressed to Government of Mendoza

They are in very precarious conditions, with lack of attention and dedication, in fact, in the last months many animals have died for various reasons, now for the cold dozens of animals, even a black panther, it is urgent to take measures!!!

Animals continue to die every day and nothing is done. Yesterday 20 animals died, the Zoo is closed but the animals are still inside, dying every day. We must stop this madness and ask the Government of Mendoza to save the animals of the Zoo and send them to shelters and sanctuaries where they can have a dignified life.