It Begins a New and Better Life for Animals of Moca Zoo!

Victory reached on May 19, 2016
It Begins a New and Better Life for Animals of Moca Zoo!

The Board of the Zoo and Botanical Park of the Municipality of Moca announced that they are performing tasks to recondition the different areas of the Zoo to ensure a better habitat for all animal species that live there, which will result in benefits for animals they are in poor condition.

The Mayor Remberto Cruz Rodriguez said he is working on the cleanup and pruning of trees in order to eliminate weeds affecting vegetation. In turn they are also building cages to improve the lives of animals, all accompanied by an eating plan to improve their health.

From here we thank you in the name of the animals. As thinking beings we cannot allow animals to suffer as they were doing in these facilities. We also want to congratulate the Mayor because the City Hall will use the site to teach about Zoology and Botany at the Bamboo Lounge.

Thanks to everyone who supported this petition!

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Original petition

Save the animals of the Moca City Zoo, Dominican Republic

Petition created on Apr 6, 2016

Addressed to Attorney General of the Dominican Republic

I appeal to all the Dominican population in general, all the animal welfare associations, all persons exercising shares issued to defend the social interests of Dominican society to sign and intervene in this just cause to protect these innocent creatures in no time they decided to be prisoners or slaves of human ignorance and fun!

Everyone must sign to end this cruelty and torture to which they are subjected all animals of the Moca City Zoo in the Dominican Republic. Most animals are in a critical state of starvation, disease, neglect, etc. Some of them have lost their sight and other are insane! We must free them from all that pain and injuries that they are living!

Let us not forget that we are not the only intelligent beings in this world capable of giving love and affection, much more than a human animal loves unconditionally! We are the voice of them and have a duty to protect and care as any living creature that is part of our world!