Vietnamese Government decided to end bear bile farming!

Victory reached on Sep 16, 2016
Vietnamese Government decided to end bear bile farming!

The Vietnamese Government has changed its attitude and put in check this trade of terror putting an end to illegal bear farms.

They began to close the bear bile farms and estimate that within four years all are going to be closed and all bears rescued, ending a life of misery and torture. There are still more than 1,000 bears to rescue, so the work is hard and continued to rescue them all.

The bears are being relocated in the shelter that Animals Asia built in Tam Dao National Park in the north of the country where they are recovering from years of abuse.

Thanks to the work of Animals Asia and the strongest of the Government of Vietnam through awareness campaigns and online petitions that have created many animal lovers, this is coming to an end.

Thank you all!

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Original petition

Save the Bears!

Petition created on Oct 13, 2015

Addressed to Government of Vietnam

Every day, in Asian countries like Vietnam, thousands of bears suffer this horrible abuse. There intensive farms practicing the extraction of bile.

They are locked in tiny cages, with little room to move, without food or water. Extraction is a very painful practice that finally ends the lives of these poor animals.

We cannot afford to look the other way. It's really terrible and cruel!