The Congress of Nuevo Leon typifies animal abuse as a crime!

Victory reached on Apr 18, 2016
The Congress of Nuevo Leon typifies animal abuse as a crime!

Nuevo Leon Congress approved the Penal Code which criminalizes the abuse or cruelty against animals.

The sanctions range from economic ones to six months in prison and psychological treatment for the culprit. Article 445 states that "committing acts of abuse or cruelty against any kind of pet, causing injury, shall be imposed three days to one month imprisonment and a fine of three to five installments" and "if injuries endanger the life of the pet is increased by half the penalty specified if the lessons will cause death to the pet it will be imposed 15 days to six months in prison and a fine of five to 15 installments "in addition to that "the authority may replace all or part of punishment for psychological treatment up to 60 days or for the provision of working hours in favor of the community of 10-60 days."

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Original petition

Save the dogs of Nuevo Leon

Petition created on Nov 8, 2015

Addressed to Local deputies

Animal abuse must be considered serious crime, the government must act now with a new law, and when it came the time of the new law, the justice and the police must enforce it.

The cases of death with sadism are too many.

Animals, as horses and donkey, are exploited terribly, even when they have terrible state of health, we must act now to stop this!