The world's saddest polar bear was rescued!

Victory reached on Aug 7, 2017
The world's saddest polar bear was rescued!

The polar bear was finally rescued by Chinese authorities and sent to an ocean park in northern China, where he was born, to reunite with his parents.

Thanks to all those who signed so that Pizza can feel free again, out of that terrible place.

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Original petition

Save the saddest polar bear that is displayed in a store

Petition created on Jul 23, 2016

Addressed to Government of China

Because no animal should be in captivity, suffering as it does, away from its habitat and congeners. It not in vain has been called the saddest bear in the world.

This is the story of the saddest bear in the world. A polar bear who lives locked in a Shopping in Guangzhou, China, in which you can see the sadness that this bear has, while hundreds of people take pictures with it.

Live lying on the ground, dejected, depressed, waiting to die. This is the life that should not have, that is the life that no living being should have. That's the life we ​​should avoid, so we must fight to have it released into their natural habitat. No more profit from the suffering of animals, enough to rob them of their places to live a life of confinement, anguish, sorrow, with the only hope that it could die soon.

Remember that in Argentina, another polar bear, Arturo, was locked in a Zoo and ended up dying without being able to return home.

Let us not allow the same thing happens this bear.