We succeed, the City Hall canceled the slaughter of stray dogs!

Victory reached on Aug 7, 2017
We succeed, the City Hall canceled the slaughter of stray dogs!

Mayor José Cortés Góngora reported that in the face of public pressure from animal groups, social networks and petitions, the sacrifice of street dogs in the city will be canceled.

The Mayor told us that they are a conscious management of animal rights, which we are happy about and hopefully from now on change the situation of stray animals and help them out of the streets.

The Mayor said that "in order to care for progress, dogs and cats will be captured to apply the vaccine, carry out their respective sterilization, and hold them 48 hours in which we invite the population to adopt them."

So we invite all citizens of Progreso to adopt a stray animal.

Many thanks to all those who signed and shared the petition, the citizen pressure serves, this is proof of it.

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Original petition

Save the stray dogs from a massacre

Petition created on Apr 24, 2017

Addressed to Municipal President of Progreso José Cortés and 1 other(s)

The Municipal President of Progreso, Yucatan, José Cortés wants to kill street dogs with the argument to prevent rabies. Please help by signing the petition so that these street dogs will not be killed.

A dog with rage was found in Progreso, and for that reason the Mayor wants to exterminate all the street dogs in the city, but that dog was not street, it was inside a property and has owner, reason why it is not possible to speak of an outbreak of rabies. This case is only an excuse for Cortes to murder all the dogs of the city, and that we can not allow.

They are going to make a massacre, we must stop it!