Los Cabos approves the creation of the Pro Animal Committee!

Victory reached on Sep 29, 2016
Los Cabos approves the creation of the Pro Animal Committee!

The council approved the creation of this committee for activists in favor of animals can work with municipal authorities in drafting the Regulations of the Domestic Animals Protection Act along with the Regulations of the Pro Animal Committee itself.

Now we can be the voice of those who do not have one, because from now we can educate and sensitize people about animal abuse, that will be reflected in that there are fewer shelters full of hurt or injured animals. We need to educate, and this new regulation gives us the tools to do so.

Now we can say that in Los Cabos do care about the rights of animals, thanks to everyone who supported this petition!

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Original petition

So that in Cabo the rights of our voiceless brothers are respected

Petition created on Dec 20, 2015

Addressed to Mayor of Los Cabos de Baja California Sur Arturo de la Rosa

Because we have repeatedly witnessed the atrocities committed with puppies in the state. Such is the case happened yesterday in Los Cabos where a ruffian locked in his own car to 2 puppies and where one died and the other was rescued in very poor condition.


We urge the mayor of Los Cabos Arturo de la Rosa to support us and enforce animal cruelty law that already exists in the state but the police do not enforce this law.

It's amazing that at this point in the 21st century with an existing law prohibiting the sale of puppies in all the State ... in broad daylight outside shopping centers such as Soriana La Mega etc. the puppies are sold as if they were any object or thing.

All united for the same cause ... !!