Badalona banned from now on the Correbous

Victory reached on Mar 22, 2016
Badalona banned from now on the Correbous

The Mayor of Badalona Dolors Sabater and his team confirmed that this year the Correbous were not made in the neighborhood of Llefià.

All shows with bulls will be banned by the struggle of people from PACMA, Badalona Sense Correbous, as many animal lovers and neighborhood entities and the signatures of all those who supported the end of this torture.

It is great news for everyone, and the government together with neighbors seek an alternative proposal for this year have celebrations that do not include mistreatment of animals.

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Original petition

Stop the correbous in Badalona!

Petition created on Jun 22, 2015

Addressed to Mayor of Badalona Dolors Sabater

We need to finish with the last correbous that exist in Catalonia, in the Municipality of Badalona, ​​and thankfully they have removed the mistreatment of these beautiful animals in most of the Community, but we need Badalona aware and finish once and for all with these barbaric practices.

The animals in the Correbous are beaten, and suffer from anxiety and stress, and add that they falls and many end up dying of exhaustion. I speak this has already been demonstrated by PACMA in many closures and celebrations held throughout our country.

We all demand a change, and politicians have promised, we need them to fulfill their word. We strongly call on the local authorities to put in place policies to protect animals, and end once and for all correbous and to stop subsidizing any bullfights. It is unfortunate that public money intended for such savagery!