Lady Mataperros will be tried for animal abuse!

Victory reached on May 30, 2017
Lady Mataperros will be tried for animal abuse!

Guadalupe Montes, is the name of Lady Mataperros (Dogkiller), the woman who hanged this puppy in a tree will be tried by the State of Colima for the crime of animal abuse. This lady will now be judged as a common delinquent, which is what she is.

Thanks to all who supported this petition, thanks to those who signed and shared, thanks to all the outraged people who made this case known all over the world.

We cannot continue to tolerate these people doing what they want with animals, they deserve respect, and if mistreated or killed, the culprits should go to prison.

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Original petition

This woman has to go to jail for what she did to this puppy!

Petition created on Nov 25, 2016

Addressed to Judicial Power of the State of Colima

In Colima, this woman whom many call Lady Dogkiller, hung a dog from a tree because, according to her, the dog killed her son's pet, a chicken. Above it was not even able to not film it to register the crime. This woman has to go to jail.

In the video this woman says "who does it, have to pay", and there hangs the dog of the tree. Evidently his intention at all times was to kill him, not only to torture him so that he "learns the lesson." How can we allow this woman to be free? It is also known that this woman already has a claim against her for acts of evil or animal cruelty.

Luckily, and for now, the puppy is being treated, did not die, but it is not out of danger, but we will not wait for the dog to die so this woman has to answer to Justice for what she did.

I hope you support this request and we ask for justice to be done!