São Paulo's unemployed can already request a free single ticket

Victory reached on Jul 31, 2017
São Paulo's unemployed can already request a free single ticket

Workers who have received the last part of the unemployment insurance in the last three months are entitled to the benefit. The estimate is that between 15 and 30 thousand people benefit from the measure per month.

The new modality of the ticket will grant free quotas on municipal buses to workers. There will be 12 daily dues per month for a period of up to three months to those who fall under the rules for receiving the benefit. Each fee will give the right to make up to eight shipments per day on municipal buses. When the passenger returns to work during the period of gratuity, he must inform SPTrans and the fees will be canceled.

The estimated investment with the new gratuity is R $ 20 million per year.

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Original petition

Transport tickets for unemployed

Petition created on Sep 27, 2016

Addressed to City Hall and Government of the State of São Paulo

In times of financial crisis due to unemployment, many candidates stop going to job interviews because of lack of credit on the single ticket and thus remain unemployed.

I believe that if the Mayor and the Government of the State of São Paulo were interested in reducing the number of unemployed in the State of São Paulo, something would have already been done and the first step to change is to have the right to come and go, less so that the candidates can attend the job interviews.