Uber se queda en Argentina

Victory reached on Mar 16, 2017
Uber se queda en Argentina

Por fin podremos tener un servicio bueno y a un bajo precio para poder competir contra los taxis. Con este nuevo servicio nos beneficiamos todos los que todos los días usamos este servicio para nuestro trabajo y nuestra vida personal.

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Original petition

Uber must stay in Argentina

Petition created on Apr 17, 2016

Addressed to National Government

Because users need a more secure and economical service.

The Uber system improves the competitiveness of the sector, as consumers suffer from having to use an expensive service for lack of options. We have the option to evaluate the driver and the vehicle that takes us, which was impossible with taxis, and if a driver gets bad scores can be ejected from the system.

It is part of the new call collaborative economy and that thanks to the internet can access many services at affordable prices without having to resort to taxis which are much more expensive. And here is the kit of the question, Uber works out cheaper than a traditional taxi for what we users are the ones who end up being benefited by this system, better quality vehicles, drivers, and at a lower price.