¡Pedimos construcción de Hospital Veterinario Público en República Dominicana!

Victory reached on Nov 20, 2015
¡Pedimos construcción de Hospital Veterinario Público en República Dominicana!

Hemos conseguido el objetivo de recolectar más de 1,000 firmas, y estos resultados pasarán a manos del Alcalde de la ciudad.
Pronto daremos noticias acerca de su respuesta. Sea favorable o no, agradecemos a todos aquellos que brindaron apoyo firmando esta petición. Bendiciones de todas partes, hasta su alma. Gracias infinitas y con alas hasta ustedes.

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Original petition

We ask for a Public Veterinary Hospital in Dominican Republic!

Petition created on Nov 12, 2015

Addressed to Dominican Republic Authorities

Dominican Republic is located on an island in America, specifically in the Caribbean. It is a small and precarious country, but among them are the urgent need for the construction of a Public Veterinary Hospital. At present there are many dogs and cats roaming the streets in imminent danger of being hit, run over, beaten or abused by some insensitive people.

There have been many lives that has claimed the lack of a public hospital for them, if the building is built, all those unprotected animals may have a roof to shelter, adequate food, treat their health problems and finally, It is hoping to be adopted by a family to care for, and accept love.

We urge the relevant authorities to move towards this plan that will save thousands of lives.

We sign this petition to request the government the construction of the Hospital. Animals need us.