Ban horse-drawn carts

Ban horse-drawn carts

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Ban horse-drawn carts

Addressed to: Government of the Province of Buenos Aires and 1 more

I continue to see carts pulled by malnourished horses, with open wounds, almost unable to move from exhaustion, and nobody does anything, and the animals continue to die. Last week some neighbors rescued a horse that was malnourished and almost dead and burned the cart so that it will not be used again to mistreat a horse. These for me are not the ways, it ends up becoming a struggle of the poor against the poor while the politicians in their homes do nothing, because people also need to earn their bread.

The solution I propose is to replace horse-drawn carts with carts drawn by bicycle or motorcycle, that way people will be able to continue cartoning and the animals will not suffer any more abuse.

Please, it's now, look what happens for not respecting animals.


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