Do not use dogs for hunting in Spain!

Do not use dogs for hunting in Spain!

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Do not use dogs for hunting in Spain!

Addressed to: Spanish Government

I know that the fight to ban hunting will take years of struggle, but I am convinced that if we go step by step we can succeed. Today we are all fighting for the use of hunting dogs to be banned throughout the country. And here we are fighting to make this happen as soon as possible so we will stop seeing so many mistreated and killed dogs when hunting season ends. It is disgusting to see how they treat the animals that they claim to care so much.

Every year when hunting season ends, we start to see dogs hanging from trees, bridges, shot dead, or abandoned in fields and on roads. Another season that ends and since they no longer serve them, they discard them as if they were simple garbage. This is a Spanish classic.

We ask the Spanish Government to prohibit the use of dogs for hunting, we do not want to continue seeing these images that cause us so much sadness and that shows the impunity with which hunters handle themselves.


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