Let's defend the wildlife in India!

Let's defend the wildlife in India!

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Let's defend the wildlife in India!

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See how they tie this leopard cub with barely two months of life so that the children who live in a village play with it disgusts me and it makes me very disgusted. That these things are done with wild animals disgusts me, these people disgust me. People must understand that they should be respectful of animals and not cause pain, because animals did not come to the world for people to use as toys.

These neighbors of Sindhudurg must take responsibility for this and the State must take charge of enforcing the Laws. India is a wild country in many aspects, where animals often suffer a lot, unless they are sacred, but they are very few. The dogs are mistreated, they are abandoned by thousands, the wild animals hunted without and killed.

We must put a stop to this, let us not allow more abuse, let's ask the government of India to enact Laws that defend animals, particularly pets and wildlife.

Thank you.


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