Stop the sacrifice of dogs in Son Reus!

Stop the sacrifice of dogs in Son Reus!

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Stop the sacrifice of dogs in Son Reus!

Addressed to: Mayor of Son Reus Antoni Noguera

In Son Reus they have sacrificed six healthy dogs because they do not have space to have them and according to the authorities they are not adoptable. Very anti-bullfighting but do not comply with the zero sacrifice, is a shame of City Hall. It is a moral issue to save the lives of animals, it is not a matter of money, it is the will to do something for the life of these animals that suffer locked in those places waiting for death.

I want the Mayor to promise that no more dog sacrifices will be made in Son Reus, it is a moral and will issue of the people who say they govern for the people. Well, we, the people, ask that you stop the dog sacrifices.


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