UG has decided to stop this terrible practice!

Victory reached on Sep 23, 2015
UG has decided to stop this terrible practice!

The University of Georgia has decided to stop mutilate live dogs to teach medical procedures in favor of more effective human simulators.

Is a great news to all of us!

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Original petition

University of Georgia must stop mutilate live dogs to teach medical procedures

Petition created on Sep 22, 2015

Addressed to President of UGA Jere W. Morehead

The University of Georgia is using live dogs and other animals to teach medical procedures to students, faculty, and members of the Georgia National Guard. Hundreds of pigs, goats, dogs, and other animals are tortured and killed in UGA every year. We have to stop the UGA as soon as possible.

Every year the students in the Medical Readiness Training Program of the UGA indecently cut holes into hundreds of live dogs and sometimes goats or pigs’ chests, limbs, throats, and stomach. The UGA must use the human-patient simulators that are used in almost all the country for the same training. The Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) course is taught all over the country, and more than 90% of the nearly 300 facilities use exclusively this simulators like TraumaMan.

We cannot allow this cruelty against animals, most of other similar facilities offers a laboratory for teaching surgical skills use human simulators and no live animals. The students must learn this emergency procedures using this kind of simulators rather than live animals which ends dead.

Please we have to stop UGA. Urge them to join the other ATLS facilities that teach these skills with non-animal medical training methods like the human-patient simulators.