Burned and tortured a puppy, we want JUSTICE!

Burned and tortured a puppy, we want JUSTICE!

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Burned and tortured a puppy, we want JUSTICE!

Addressed to: Attorney General of the Republic of Cuba

This monster is responsible and murderer who burned and tortured a puppy in the city of Manzanillo, Cuba. Let it be very clear that this petition is an initiative to demand justice. We demand that judicial bodies and communities that defend animal rights in Cuba take the necessary measures to punish those responsible and at the same time create a law that punishes animal abusers.

Let's put pressure on public actions and expect concrete actions to be taken with respect, as soon as possible.

Please sign the petition, it is not a question of a political debate, it is a fact that could have happened in any country of the world and our duty as animalists and as citizens of any country is to demand that the Laws be applied by the respect and right to innocent beings who have no voice, no defense power.


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