Privacy Policies

The following Privacy Policies reach the entire scope of the SOSVOX.ORG domain, and its use shall be subject to acceptance thereof.


SOSVOX.ORG respects your privacy and agrees to protect the personal information provided by you during your use of the Web Site.

SOSVOX.ORG complies with the regulations set forth by the European Union Member States on Personal Data Protection matters, referring to the Committee Decision dated June 30, 2003, pursuant to Guideline 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and the Counsel dated October 24, 1995, on the protection of individuals regarding personal data treatment and free circulation thereof. We will not collect any of your personal information unless expressly provided voluntarily by you, with your free and informed consent. 


SOSVOX.ORG can use your information to provide you with Technical Assistance, Customer Service, sending of Notifications, Newsletters, and/or Promotional Ads and Account Maintenance in general.

At SOSVOX.ORG we use the information we collect to learn about what you like, to customize your experience, and to improve the Web Site. 

Except as described in these Privacy Policies, we will not provide any kind of personal information to third parties without your consent. 

You agree that, during any action taken within the Site, either for the creation of our own request or to sign a third party's request, or any other communication feature (e.g., Messaging Services), you understand that said communications will pass through our servers, which can be registered and moderated by us, that you have no privacy expectations, and that, as a consequence, you expressly agree on the surveillance of the communications (including technical support and customer service communications) that you send and receive. 

If you decided to cancel your Site membership, your personal data contained in our active data bases will automatically cease to be used for Notifications of all kinds, but they will be kept for a reasonable term for any legal requirement that may arise. 

a). On Personal Information

SOSVOX.ORG does not collect any personal information unless voluntarily provided to us by you. Only personal information necessary to meet your demands and our lawful business goals shall be requested.

At times, you can be required to provide additional personal information, such as your mailing address, telephone number, etc. In each case, no personal information shall be collected without your consent.

When using any of the Site communication features, your IP (Internet Protocol) address can be stored in our records.

In some jurisdictions, IP addresses can be legally considered a form of personal identification. 

b). On NON-Personal Information

When logging in at SOSVOX.ORG, we can check/register the system specifications (such as the operative system, web browser, Java version, RAM memory, video card, monitor, system settings, etc.) in order to analyse and optimize your experience to provide you with a better service.

SOSVOX.ORG can collect, among other things, information on the type of Internet browser and/or the operative system of the computer being used, and the domain name of its Internet service provider. To do so, SOSVOX.ORG can use cookies and other technologies.

Your visits to our Web Site and the information provided through these technologies will be anonymous, unless you provide us your personal information, or had provided said information in the past. 


By using SOSVOX.ORG, you accept the fact that we may transfer your personal information in relation to the purposes set forth in these Privacy Policies.

In some cases, some of our sponsors and services related thereto can be provided by distribution partners (Third Parties). You understand and accept that each distributor will collect and use your personal information according to their own privacy policies (to which you will have access when registered on said Web Sites). 

When personal information was provided to us for a particular purpose, we will be able to disclose your information to other companies contracted by us to help us meet your request. This can include, among others, providers, collaborators, and strategic partners.
We can also disclose your personal information as required by Law in relation to criminal investigations, fraud investigations, intellectual property rights infringement, or any other suspicious illegal activities, or when deemed necessary, upon our discretion, in order to protect the legitimate interests of SOSVOX.ORG.

Sometimes, we share general information, demographics, or aggregates (non-personal) with third parties on our user data base, but said information does not include personal information of any kind.


Our user's personal data are stored in a data base owned by AURAT S.A., which guarantees the correct technical and structural measures to preserve the integrity and security of the personal information provided, although it will not be responsible for said information, nor for damages produced, including our operator's negligence.  

No web site or Internet broadcast is completely safe. As a consequence, SOSVOX.ORG cannot guarantee that unauthorized access, data loss due to hacking, or other law breaking events will never take place. The use of SOSVOX.ORG shall be under your own risk and responsibility.

SOSVOX.ORG urges you to take measures to keep your personal information safe, memorizing your passwords or keeping them in a safe place (separated from your account information), or generating backups of your contents.