No More Violence Against Animals!

No More Violence Against Animals!

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No More Violence Against Animals!

Addressed to: Government of Argentina and 1 more

You should sign this petition because there are many abuse to the animal kingdom, many broken rules, I want the animal lovers to stand firm, with heart and soul, against these injustices. If, to you I say, not to ignore, this is not nonsense, this is becoming very serious, not only in my country but globally, things are happening: massacres in the coliseum, hunting animals for their skin, killing of whales and aquatic animals, abandonments. This is a real injustice.

Blood drive that kills hundreds of horses each year, and thousands more barely surviving suffering daily abuse. Thousands of dogs and cats abandoned in the streets, end up dying of diseases, malnourished, or run over. Greyhound racing, horse racing, and the list is long and it seems that few of us want to protect these animals from this savages who just want to mistreat and kill them.

I am Maria Alejandra Avila and I am against animal abuse and want you please help to stop what is happening. Thank you.


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