Rescue abandoned animals from the streets!

Rescue abandoned animals from the streets!

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Rescue abandoned animals from the streets!

Addressed to: Municipality of Barretos

Because the public power in Barretos, San Pablo, does not care for abandoned animals in the streets. Neither for compassion, nor because they represent a danger to public health. They can transmit diseases, they can cause accidents, and whoever abandons needs to be penalized according to the Law.

It is the duty of the municipality to take care of the welfare of the animals, however, they do nothing, and that work is paid by volunteer Sweepers who are passionate about them, and suffer to see the state of abandonment that they are, upside down, sick, hungry, people in need.

We invest our time, our money and the municipal authorities are inert. They do nothing. We want to rescue the abandoned animals, take care of their health, vaccinate, neuter, make available for responsible adoption, and do an EDUCATION job with the schools and the population in terms of possession.


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