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Addressed to: Government of Andalusia

Save the dogs in the streets

Petition created on Jul 25, 2016

Save the dogs in the streets

It is very important to raise awareness in citizens about neutering pets. This is a first and very important step in to end the abandoned animals in our streets.

But beyond consciousness, we also need a Government to support initiatives of citizens when we are fighting against animal abuse, because abandonment is abuse.

The Government should raise awareness among citizens and help them achieve free castration of pets with campaigns, because many people cannot afford to neuter their pets due to costs, the economic problems facing many citizens in this country and sometimes physical inability to move the pet to a veterinarian for the operation. It is the great first step for the number of abandoned animals decreases.

We need from all of us to stop the abuse in Spain, to be something of the past, and that the Government invest in free sterilization campaigns for all pets.


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