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Addressed to: Episcopal Conference of Chile

Save the stray dogs

Petition created on Jan 18, 2017

Save the stray dogs

The Archbishop of Punta Arenas talk about street dogs saying that God authorized to eliminate the abandoned dogs. He says that when the country is in an emergency due to the number of stray animals, the Government, like the European governments, should eliminate the dogs that do not have owner.

He said: "God created things and put them at the service of the human being, that is the beginning of Genesis, everything is at our service, I am not about to kill the dog for killing dogs, but it can not be that at the moment we have An invasion of dogs and have more rights than we. "

Animals have the right to live, not to be killed, as this priest professes, urges people to hunt and kill these poor animals, arguing that God allows, this is an aberration and is against any right that threatens the human life.

We want the Catholic Church to remove this person from the Curia, and ask forgiveness for what he said, do not let these people tell us who can and who cannot live, because many people following the advice of this person can go out to murder stray dogs.


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