Stop this "fiesta" in Ohanes, Almeria

Stop this "fiesta" in Ohanes, Almeria

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Stop this "fiesta" in Ohanes, Almeria

Addressed to: Andalusian

This is what they do in this town of savages, mistreat a poor animal, without possible defense.

San Marcos Bulls in Ohanes is celebrated every year when their patron Saint Marcos procession begins.

And as happens in many festivities animals are those who end up suffering abuse for the amusement of a few who enjoy torturing them.

In Ohanes six bulls are roped and taken around the village while the procession through the streets. These bulls are pushed, beaten against walls and cobblestone streets until they are forced to submit to the Saint and touching with his nose the flag that symbolizes the Brotherhood of San Marcos, and that's when the people remove the animal until they start to torture it again, this happens all morning and it represents an extreme agony for animals.

We cannot continue allowing parties glorifying animal abuse between blood and torture.

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