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The City of Coria will be fined up to 30,000 euros for allowing a neighbor to kill 'Guapetón'

Victory reached on Aug 5, 2015

The City of Coria will be fined up to 30,000 euros for allowing a neighbor to kill 'Guapetón'

'Guapetón' was shot in the head, carried out by a neighbor in the middle of the street without any security measures, in front of the Local Police and with knowledge of the municipal government. The Civil Guard considers that it is a serious infringement, sanctioned with up to 30,000 euros of fine.

Coria Town Hall will be fined up to 30,000 euros for allowing a neighbor to kill 'Guapetón', the bull of the Sanjuanes Fair 2015, with a shotgun in the middle of the street and surrounded by neighbors. This was notified by the Civil Guard to the Animalist Party, which on July 17 reported that after an hour and a half of agony, 'Guapetón' was shot dead in the street, in the eyes of dozens of neighbors present and in shape illegal.

This use of a weapon in a public spectacle constitutes a serious violation of article 36.12 of Organic Law 4/2015 on the Protection of Public Safety, as well as articles 146.2 and 149.1 of the same.

This practice is a reflection more of the nonsense that supposes a celebration in which from 2009 a neighbor is allowed to carry in public a firearm and shoot it against an animal in the presence of the Local Police and endorsed by the City Council, without any control Veterinarian more than to certify the death of the bull, even though the party is declared of National Tourist Interest.

This is the second complaint that is presented in relation to this celebration, since in 2009 was estimated the complaint of the Animal Party to prohibit shoot 'blows' to the bull, a type of darts that the neighbors pulled against the animal, nailing in his skin To cover it completely. Since then, the bull is shot dead in the street.

The Animal Party positively values ​​this sanction, which could set an important precedent to end the Toro de Coria. PACMA is committed to parties without animal abuse, in which the death of animals is replaced by alternatives of ethical leisure.

Personally I want to thank PACMA for everything it does for animals, they are an example of struggle.

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Original petition

Addressed to: Provincial Prosecutor of Cáceres

Investigate the death of the bull Guapetón in the Sanjuanes de Coria!

Another bull has been killed in Spain, this time in Sanjuanes de Coria, in Cáceres, this bull was also named, Guapetón, a bull that on Tuesday killed a man of 43 years while it was tortured, defending himself against the people who attacked him.

In Coria, a crime has been committed, not because a bull has been killed, which unfortunately is common in Spain and is not punishable by law, but because it was done in the presence of the public, and the Regulation of Popular Bullfighting Celebrations of Extremadura forbids it. This regulation says that the animals "will be given immediate death without presence of public in the establishments or facilities qualified for it". In addition, "the slaughter of the cattle will be carried out under the supervision of the service veterinarians, using any method that avoids the same unnecessary suffering, and with the necessary presence of the Government Delegate." Finally, "the veterinary personnel responsible for such an installation must issue the appropriate certificate stating the complete identification of the slaughtered animals and any other circumstance deemed appropriate".

A man has shot the bull Guapetón in front of many people, and with the security forces in the place, as can be seen in a video recorded by activists of the Association Vox Anima, where you can see the moment in which the bull. In the images, PACMA explains in a press release, it can be seen that after the animal collapsed after receiving the shot, it is "immediately surrounded by the young men and the Police, who prevent it from continuing to be recorded."

We ask for an investigation to find those guilty of the murder of Guapetón, the veterinarian for raising the record of the irregularity in the death of the animal and the police authorities for allowing this illegal death. They have laws that allow them to kill animals with impunity, the least they can do is to comply with them, and if they do not comply, there we will all be enforced or paid for not doing so!


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The content of the petitions and the opinions expressed here are the sole responsibility of the author.

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