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The Justice sentenced this murderer to prison!

Victory reached on Sep 13, 2016

The Justice sentenced this murderer to prison!

The Court of Appeals of Punta Arenas yesterday sentenced to imprisonment of effective compliance to Esteban Gómez Haro for the crime of animal abuse and the crime of threats untied to a minor.

The Court of Guarantee had decreed that this person must serve the sentence under the regime of night arrest, allowing him to stay in the streets during the day, but the Court of Appeals reversed this decision and this person must go to prison for murdering the German shepherd.

This guy already has convictions for robbery and other crimes, so it seemed unfair that he was released because he can kill other dogs. But with this new ruling I think justice was done, and although the length of sentence seems to me that is not enough, is what provides the Law, but at least for 200 days the streets will get rid of this person and we and the animals will be a little safer.

Thanks to everyone who supported me in this petition, the social pressure sometimes works and justice is done!

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Original petition

Addressed to: Government of Chile

Jail for the murderer who stabbed a German Shepherd in the Plaza de Armas of Punta Arenas and threatened to kill a young boy

Wednesday night April 13, 2016, in the Plaza de Armas of Punta Arenas, around 22 hours, a criminal with extensive police record was denounced by a young man who had been threatened with death by him with a knife in the neck, unprovoked. Minutes before this scum of society gave an undetermined amount of stabbing an old acquaintance puppy town that people had affection and love for being known for years. The dog barked and this offender not found another solution that kill it with stab wounds. His name is Esteban Gómez Hernán Aro.

The subsequent complaint of the young threatened helped the police to stop him and arrested minutes later, he had to appear before the Court of Guarantee but the defense argued that the death of the dog compared to the sacrifice of a lamb ... and the offender walk free!

No more impunity for these heinous acts against the defenseless. The government must realize that they are freeing a dangerous criminal who sooner or later it will do or what is worse, can kill a person. Imagine the helplessness of the family of the young man who was threatened with a knife to his throat. Since no concrete measures are taken in the matter, this guy is free on the street making mischief and the people of this quiet town fears for his safety. Effective Jail now!

The content of the petitions and the opinions expressed here are the sole responsibility of the author.

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