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SeaWorld ends with its controversial killer whale shows by the end of the year!

Victory reached on Jan 11, 2016

SeaWorld ends with its controversial killer whale shows by the end of the year!

SeaWorld CEO, Joel Manby, announced a plan to end their controversial shows in San Diego park by the end of 2016.

The theater shows with orcas came to an end as part of a renewal of the company because of the thousands of protests that have been carried out by the treatment company had with animals.

The company will replace the show with "a whole new experience focused on the natural environment of whales". This change comes as a direct response to its customers, who have said they have made clear they want less theatrical experiences and prefer to see the whales in a more natural environment.

SeaWorld's decision comes after the Congressman Adam Schiff said he would introduce legislation forcing SeaWorld to end the captivity of orcas. "The evidence is very strong, psychological and physical harm done to these magnificent animals is far greater than any benefits reaped by their shows," Schiff said.

I hope this is the first step for all animal shows are completed on all shows in the world, either SeaWorld or circus arenas, etc. Any abuse is unnecessary, all violence is unnecessary, we cannot profit more with the suffering of animals!

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Original petition

Addressed to: Governor of California Jerry Brown

SeaWorld must end cruelty against animals in captivity

Tilikum is a captive orca that killed three people in 30 years of frustration caused by an intense confinement, lack of stimulation and isolation. But Tilikum is not the only animal suffering this in SeaWorld, these parks are part of a multimillionaire and colossal industry that profit off the suffering of animals.

Maybe SeaWorld makes you believe that the confinement of all this animals, particularly the whale, is about education, but it’s only about profits.

The orca can swim upward of 100 miles per day in the wild, but at SeaWorld, or any other marine park, orcas are forced to swim in circles y tiny concrete tanks for the rest of their lives. Imagine yourself living in a bathtub for the rest of your life without the possibility of getting out. It’s unpleasant, unfair and sick.

San Francisco, thanks to the City Council which passed a resolution recognizing that orcas have the right to be free of captivity, has taken an historic step in protecting these creatures from SeaWorld’s cruelty.

Since the release of the 2012 documentary “Blackfish”, which explores the 2010 death of trainer Dawn Brancheau at SeaWorld Orlando when she was drowned by Tilikum, PETA organization has ramped up its efforts against this marine park. Thanks to Blackfish film most of you have been enlightened about SeaWorld’s long history of animal abuse. SeaWorld is also renowned for stealing animals from the ocean to keep them in small places, remember that Tillkum was taken from the wild at two years old.

Blackfish documentary exposes how SeaWorld forces the animals to perform tricks for the sake of entertainment, to sell more tickets essentially. But the Orca Welfare and Safety Act can change all that. The Act makes it illegal to “hold in captivity, or use, a wild-caught or captive-bred orca for performance or entertainment purposes.” 

The United States Department of Agriculture bust SeaWorld for violating the Animal Abuse Act, and this is a sign that SeaWorld must stop this. The attendance is decreasing as the world wises up about the cruelty of the business of catching animals for amusement.

PETA veterinarians found scars and lesions on orcas, dolphins and other animals; they also witnessed unprotected and unsupervised contact between visitors and violent animals and those are apparent violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act.

“This veterinary report confirms that SeaWorld is causing animals to suffer both physically and psychologically in hopelessly inadequate tanks,” said PETA President Ingrid Newkirk. “PETA is asking families to stay far away from SeaWorld, where deprived orcas can do nothing but swim in endless circles, stressed dolphins take their aggression out on one another, and a walrus in solitary confinement is reduced to regurgitating his food out of boredom.”

Orcas sunburns are covered up with black zinc oxide because they spent most of their time at the surface of their shallow tanks and they can’t hide from the sun. But that’s not everything that orcas and other animals in captivity must bear in SeaWorld. Trainers masturbate the whales to collect sperm and females are artificially inseminated and forced to breed at a much younger age than they would in nature. All males orcas have collapsed dorsal fins as adults as the result of the unnatural environment of captivity. Orcas in the wild have an average life expectancy of 40 to 50 years, and the median age in captivity is only 9.

Please sign this petition to say NO to SeaWorld and its enslavement of animals by refusing to buy tickets to this park, and ask SeaWorld to release these animals to sanctuaries.

California: Enact the Orca Welfare and Safety Act to stop SeaWorld's orca cruelty now.


The content of the petitions and the opinions expressed here are the sole responsibility of the author.

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