Reinforce, repair and build more Game Scenarios in the Town and less investment in dancing

Reinforce, repair and build more Game Scenarios in the Town and less investment in dancing

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Reinforce, repair and build more Game Scenarios in the Town and less investment in dancing

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It seems ridiculous to me that the Inder San Gil Budget is used to promote foreign music dances and not our native music, so I demand that the Indersangil Budget be used to improve the Basketball Courts of the Neighborhoods: San Martín, Torres del Castillo, Divino Niño (Fagud) and Sagrada Familia.

That of Torres del Castillo, is very uneven and with tectonic cracks, it also needs:

1) Hoops

2) Grandstand towards its eastern side

3) Retaining Wall both on its eastern side and on its western side

4) Metal mesh for its eastern and southern side, to prevent the basketballs from escaping

5) Build Biohealthy Games and Children's Games

The Divino Niño lacks:

1) hoops

2) repair boards

3) make a second basketball court adjoining and contiguous to the existing one

4) Reinforce the metal mesh, as the current one is damaged.

5) Repair biohealthy games

6) Rebuild in a batch of children's games that no longer exist.

7) Make a neighborhood skating rink in the outdoor lot next to the field.

The one in Barrio San Martín:

1) Metal mesh all around to prevent basketballs from escaping

2) Improve Grandstand

3) Improve the Biohealthy Games and the Children's Games because the biohealthy games in front of the parish are destroyed and those at the foot of the field are simply painted but are also in very bad condition.

4) Level the floor of the basketball court

5) That the drainage pipe of the field be made by making a paved path one meter wide towards the northeast corner side and not as up to now that in the same direction there is a pipe that does not collect these waters but allows them to pool and we basketball players have the upper hand to lose.

6) do in a neighboring lot of the San Martín court more exactly the one that is at the foot of the neighborhood park el porvenir, make a neighborhood skating rink, because people love skating a lot but the current city skating rink is very far away. .

That of the Sagrada Familia:

1) repair the mesh

2) rebuilding bio-healthy games

3) Prevent Smokers from Accessing Smoking in this scenario every time Basketball Players Lean out to Play Basketball.

Scenarios to Build:

1) In Carrera 10 # 10 - 55 Former Headquarters of the Electrificadora de Santander (Place that threatens ruin) it would be good to build a basketball court for the downtown neighborhoods that do not have their own basketball court.

See My Speech: (My Speech) (Video of one of the Biosaludables Games months before, now they are worse) This is what INDERSANGIL must invest in. (Photo of a damaged Biosaludable Game, guards are needed to take care of the games but for now repair them) this is at the foot of the basketball court of the Sagrada Familia).


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