STOP selling the donkeys, which are killed!

STOP selling the donkeys, which are killed!

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STOP selling the donkeys, which are killed!

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Four million donkeys are being slaughtered each year to make a product called donkey hide gelatin (Ejiao in Chinese). That's ten percent of the world population and China wants more. These numbers are not sustainable if the donkey is to survive as a species.

The suffering of these animals, even before slaughter, is of no concern to the Chinese companies who are profiting. They are now successfully extending their reach to Africa, Brazil, Mexico and possibly Australia to meet the growing demand for this health fad.

Like bear bile, Ejiao has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine, but the health benefits are unproven. The gelatin is used in facial creams, powders, and even snacks.

Donkeys have contributed to the progress of human civilization for thousands of years and many people around the world love them as companion animals. People in developing countries still rely on donkeys, making this a human welfare issue as well as an animal welfare issue.

Hundreds of Ejiao products are available on and These companies should stand up for the humane and sustainable treatment of animals and stop selling these products. Chinese companies are threatening the very existence of a species that has done so much for humanity.

C.S. Purdy


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